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Our software are designed for processing on high-speed OCR scanning equipment and are printed in red "dropout" ink on special bond paper in strict compliance with government printing specifications.

Medical Practice Management Software: MedOffice®
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Single User $2,495.00
3-Station Multi-User $3,495.00
5-Station Multi-User $4,995.00
8-Station Multi-User $6,995.00
10-Station Multi-User $7,495.00
15-Station Multi-User $9,495.00
20-Station Multi-User $12,995.00
25-Station Multi-User $14,995.00
35-Station Multi-User $17,995.00
50-Station Multi-User $21,995.00
75-Station Multi-User $26,995.00
100-Station Multi-User $32,995.00
MedOffice® Optional Modules
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ERA Module: Post Payments Electronically! $1,499.00
Codes: All Medical Codes for MedOffice® (Includes All ICD, CPT, HCPCS) $395.00
HL7 Module: 2-Way HL-7 Interface with SpringCharts & Other EMR/EHR Systems $1,599.00
CMS-1450 Module (UB) $1,499.00
Credit Card Merchant Module $399.00
Driver License Swipe Reader (included free with Credit Card Merchant Module) $199.00
Voice Dictation Module $1,099.00
Biometrics Module (Fingerprint recognition) $895.00
MedOffice® Training
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INTRODUCTORY: Six (6) hours of one-on-one training sessions @ $120/hour $720.00
INTERMEDIATE: 8 hours of one-on-one training sessions @ $120/hour LESS 5% OFF (the advanced training includes the introductory sessions) $912.00
ADVANCED: 12 hours of one-on-one training sessions @ $120/hour LESS 10% OFF. (the comprehensive training includes the introductory & advanced training sessions) $1,296.00
ON-SITE TRAINING 3-Day comprehensive training at your location anywhere in the USA $3,500.00
MedOffice® Support
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Per Incident Support (up to 30 minutes) $95.00
Annual Support(up to 25 Incidents/yr. Each incident up to 30 minutes) $1,295.00
Annual Support for HL-7 Module (Up to 15 Incidents per Year) $1,295.00